Insurance Help

insurance-helpRestoration Colorado Roofing has over 30 combined years of experience working with residential and commercial insurance companies. Most of our clients have never filed a claim with their insurance company. In fact, we recently had a customer who has had USAA insurance for over 50 years and has never filed a claim.

All insurance companies try to give you excellent service, but at some point you will get an adjuster who is new to the construction industry and adjusting at your doorstep ready to figure out what your claim is worth.

This may be hard to believe, but a person can enroll into an online 40 hour insurance adjuster class, pass the class requirements, take the state exam, such as Texas or Indiana license and become a licensed insurance adjuster with a whooping 40 hour of experience. By the way, Colorado is a non insurance adjuster license state. You can become an adjuster with 0% experience.

Our employees and owners who help you with your claim have the following experience:

Chris Dunlap, CEO, has 20 years experience in the restoration and remodel industry. Chris heads up the training for our employees and is an extremely hard worker who works along side with our employees.

Cecelia Dunlap: CFO, has 15 years experience in the restoration and remodel industry. Cecelia heads up our financial division for all our companies. Cecelia also is also responsible for the management of our main office.

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