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How an easy $250.00 exhaust vent fix turned into a $20,000.00 + disaster for this local military family

The Heartbreaking Story
We were inspecting a home for a possible roof leak in the attic and found that the issue was not a leaking roof, but that the bathroom exhaust vent was not properly vented through the roof and all the moisture was streaming into the attic instead of outside. This disaster could have been avoided with proper installation. Restoration Colorado Roofing is better able to serve customers because we are not only trained in installation, but we’re also certified in water, sewage, fire and smoke clean-up. Therefore, we can recognize potential issues and help our customers avoid such a disaster.

All Our Years of Dealing With Insurance Companies Paid Off
We were able to get the homeowners insurance to pay for some of the damages, but due to the bathroom vent not being vented properly, this was considered a maintenance issue and that is NOT covered by your homeowners insurance.

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In closing, I want to urge you to have your home inspected by a professional yearly so you can avoid the above story being your own story. Believe me, I have lots of stories just like this story from our over 24 years in business.

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