24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair

roof-repairEmergencies are unexpected, they can happen at any time without warning. Of course, emergencies can happen when most business are closed or “out to lunch”. However, at Restoration Colorado Roofing, that just isn’t the case. We have experienced roofers who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A damaged roof can cause thousands of dollars in damage in just a few hours, if left untreated. That’s why, when you call us, we will send someone out immediately to assess the damage and determine a way to rectify the issue. Whenever weather does not permit, we will use a temporary fix to stop any additional damage to your home or business. Ask for our FREE 22 Point Roof Inspection.

However, you should know that you can do a few things to prevent emergency situations that require immediate assistance. Below are a few steps to help you avoid roofing emergencies.

How To Prevent The Need For Our 24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair:

  1. Let Restoration Colorado Roofing perform a free 21 point roof inspection of your roof once a year. It is best to allow us to come out in the spring to assess your roof, looking for any damage, weak points or other issues which need to be addressed.
  2. Let Restoration Colorado Roofing inspect your roof after any bad weather such as heavy winds, heavy snowfall, hailstorms, tornados or any other acts of nature.
  3. Make sure that any trees near your home or business are trimmed back properly. Trees that hang over your roof can cause damage to your shingles or could fall, causing significant damage requiring immediate attention.
  4. Make sure that your roof is clean and free of debris, dead leaves and snow, which can decay your roof.


Annual Inspections

No matter what, your home or business will always need to be checked on a regular basis. The best way to avoid an emergency is to be cautious … in this case, having an inspection performed yearly. We cannot stress how important it is to have a qualified roofing company inspect your roof, especially one that is local and fully licensed and insured.

At Restoration Colorado Roofing, not only are we fully licensed and insured, we are local. We have a reputation to keep. We want you to love us, and tell everyone you know about us … in a good way. That’s why we do everything we can to provide the best 24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair service in Colorado Springs and the surrounding Counties. Honestly, we would prefer to never have to come out to your home at midnight, but if that is what needs to happen, we will be there. We are known as the all night roofer!

If you have an emergency that cannot wait, then call us right now! Don’t let a small problem turn into thousands of dollars in repairs. Call our emergency hotline at 719-635-7310!

Call 719-635-7310 and ask for our free 22 point roof inspection!